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We specialise in the provision of higher-level learning programmes in British Sign Language and BSL/English Interpreting.

Application Form

Advanced Diploma Application Process  

Application Form

The application process comprises four elements:

Part 1:   Completed application form

Part 2:   Skills assessment comprising two practical interpreting exercises:

  1. Spoken English – BSL
  2. BSL – spoken English

Part 3:   Receipt of written feedback. Resubmission of both interpretations taking account of feedback received accompanied by written commentary on both interpretations (candidate’s evaluation of the target interpretations and discussion of appropriateness of the interpreting decisions made)

Part 4:   Skype interview

The process:

The completed application form should be returned, electronically, to the programme administrator, Jayne Clarke.

On receipt of the application, you will be given a link where you will find recordings of two source texts, one in English and one in BSL, with instructions on how to film yourself interpreting the clips and how to share your recordings with SLI.

On receipt of your clips, you will be sent detailed, written feedback on both interpretations with some suggestions on how you might make your interpreting more effective.  You will then have some time to practise before handing in your re-interpretations of the same clips.

If the assessors can see an improvement in the quality of the interpretations, you will be offered a Skype interview.

On successful completion of all four sections, you will be offered a place on the Advanced Diploma programme starting in October 2019.