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We specialise in the provision of higher-level learning programmes in British Sign Language and BSL/English Interpreting.

Course Structure

Advanced Diploma in Interpreting and Translation: BSL-English

The SLI Advanced Diploma in Interpreting and Translation Studies: BSL – English comprises six taught modules and a period of summative assessment:

Module Code Module Title Credit Value
Int4001 Translation and Interpreting Studies 30
Int4002 The Source and Target Languages 15
Int4003 From Translation to Consecutive Interpreting 15
Int4004 Dialogue Interpreting 30
Int4005 Simultaneous Interpreting 30
Int4006 Specialist Settings and Professional Issues 30
  Summative assessments  


Rather than being sequential, the programme has a spiralling curriculum which better reflects the development of knowledge and skills required to become a competent interpreter. The three modules Int4001, Int4002 and Int4006, form the bedrock of the programme and Int4003, Int4004 and Int4005 are so inter-linked that to separate them would be both contrived and counterproductive.


Mode of Delivery

The programme is delivered through blended learning, i.e. a mixture of distance learning and classroom lectures, seminars and workshops. The contact time of one two-day block per month for one academic year (ten months) will concentrate on discussions and practical exercises whilst much of the background learning – papers, video-taped ‘mini-lectures’, exemplars, and practise materials, e.g. source texts in spoken English and BSL – will be available on SLI’s Moodle-based Virtual Learning Environment. Students should expect to set aside a minimum of six hours per week for the duration of the programme (including the assessment period) for studying and for practising the approaches and skills discussed and demonstrated during the taught blocks.


The summative assessment runs from the seventh teaching session for a period of six months. The pass mark of 50% for each component of the summative assessment is firmly benchmarked against the levels of knowledge and competence expected of a qualified interpreter. Full details of the assessments will be made available to all those who are accepted onto the course.