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We specialise in the provision of higher-level learning programmes in British Sign Language and BSL/English Interpreting.

Role-space: its acceptance, implications and application

  • We are losing count of the number of PhD theses that have been published on ‘role-space’ since 2014
  • An understanding of the implication and application of role-space will change your approaches to consecutive, dialogue and simultaneous interpreting
  • The recently published (and ongoing) research shows how it can
    • Change your understanding of the interpreter’s ‘role’
    • Improve your effectiveness when acting as an interpreter for people with different languages and cultures
    • Improve your effectiveness when interpreting remotely, i.e. by via telephone or video

Date: Saturday 25th April 2020 or Wednesday 6th May 2020
Cost: £96.00
Venue: The Olde Barn Hotel, Marston, Lincolnshire NE32 2HT

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