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We specialise in the provision of higher-level learning programmes in British Sign Language and BSL/English Interpreting.

SLI Policy on Filming/Recording Teaching/Workshop Sessions

Knowing you are being filmed always feels a bit unnatural and can inhibit those who are less confident in group situations (remember collecting video evidence for your BSL/interpreting qualification?). We believe that all participants (including the session/workshop leaders) should feel as comfortable as possible when participating in a learning event. As such, SLI has always had a policy of never recording, or allowing to be recorded, live teaching sessions or workshops.

If you can’t make the original date of an online workshop, you will automatically be placed on a ‘repeat workshop’ waiting list and we will ensure you don’t have to wait too long. Because we design our workshops to be as discursive as possible, we plan for a maximum of fifteen participants but can accommodate groups of as few as six.